I am afraid for now it is not possible to rearrange apps.

Regarding the tethering, it is available. Please note that we are working with device manufacturers OEMs and they may choose to deactivate this feature.

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For more specific information, please reach out to your specific device manufacturer. Yes but for those that do offer it surely having a quick option in the operating system is the way to go rather than having to go to settings and press a bunch of menu options of a feature phone. If its not offered in the operating system already can I make a suggestion that it should and can you pass that feedback onto the appropriate area. WhatsApp is needed and has no proven record of user data abuse.

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Update, this typo still exists in the blog above. This will be helpful for people reading the blog and for SEO purposes. Great news. Really enjoying KaiOS on my Nokia It works perfectly on my phone already. The Instagram web app is not available yet. However, I will forward your request to our product team for future consideration. Can I assign a contact from which sim to be called? This is impractical if I call from a handsfree car and I have to take the phone in my hand and select the sim. Otherwise it would be a massive battery drain on these devices. So no worries you can swear at the TV as much as you like!

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Thanks for clearing that up. It would be great if someone could do a youtube video explaining things like this and giving a detailed comprehensive view of the operating system otherwise how else are we going to know things like this.

Nokia 8110 4G, First Take: The 'banana phone' reborn

Better and more detailed FAQs on the kaios website would also help. I also read the official nokia user guide online for the nokia flip and wished that had more detail. I would like to know basic things before purchase. The information in that article was extremely minimal. Please stay tuned. Once we receive more information about the device, we will publish it. And you will be informed. That must be a small phone.

Thank you for reaching out. We are working on expanding the range of devices powered with KaiOS. Quick question: Is the kaiOS available for Android devices? Someone reply me, please. Thank you for your interest. KaiOS is not available for Android devices.

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Can you guys please create an update for this phone? I would advise you to check the software version on your phone. You need to help version 2.

Nokia is rebooting the Matrix phone as the banana slider makes a return

How is Gmail used with KaiOS? Is there an app for it? Who in the world wants to use spy-ware-google mail? Use Tutanota. Was looking for Gmail migration and found Proton Mail having too small storage. This feats great! Any help on what can be wrong? I have registered a KaiOs Account. Hello Jon. Sorry to know that you have faced some issues. Please check it and let me know if it helped. Please note that it is not possible to uninstall apps on KaiOS devices. Apologies for the inconvenience it may cause. Get rid of google and all the u. People around the world are sick of it.

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Thank you for sharing with us your doubts, we appreciate it indeed. I can forward your request to our engineers. Hi there! Thank you for your interest in KaiOS device. However, we are not responsible for a delivery update. Dezzer and Spotify are not supported on KaiOS devices. However, we are working on expanding the range of apps including music streaming. Meanwhile, you can use a Music app pre-installed on Nokia You can download music to that app using USB. I like the idea of KaiOS and featurephones, but without any usefull apps it is not smart enought.

Dear Mario, we know that there are not so many apps in the store as our customers need. However, we are doing our best to provide them with good experience. Please keep up to our updates and you will be informed if there are new apps available. You can use it via webrowser, you dont really need app for everything. And its to app developers, not to app makers to make a certain OS version. Hello For security reasons i want to uninstall some applications from my Nokia Tough. How can i delete those apps?

How to get WhatsApp on the NOKIA 8110 4G

OK, for users not satisfied with that, I am sure they have a plain version in house. Hello Kari! I cam imagine how frustrating it may be. Sorry for the inconvenience. Wi-Fi hotspot seems to work. Has not used it more than to test the functionality. What I miss most is an app for saving passwords and pin codes. Perhaps the phone can become more functional with future updates but right now it feels like a pretty bad buy. Addition: Upgrading to KaiOS version The mobile still asks if you want to allow the hands-free headset to have access rights to access o gain access to contacts.

The hang of the call log still exists.

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The annoying message when you lose the WiFi signal, however, I have not seen after the update, so either it is fixed or it is because I nowadays have WiFi mostly switched off. Appendix 2: Since my Nokia E52 is getting worn out and starting to lose touch with the cellular network, I gave it a second chance. KaiOS has come up in version Unfortunately, the previous review applies most points yet. What actually seems to have been resolved with the newer version is the hangings when you press the answer button to see the list of previous calls. Then it actually goes to use the phone to talk to. Now, the function to turn off notifications when WiFi is lost seems to work, but it is probably the only thing that has been rectified by the errors or annoyances that existed earlier.

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to set a Bluetooth device as trusted, but the mobile phone asks every time if it can connect to the hands-free headset.

Subtitles are still a misery because it is not possible to save your own words to the dictionary. Looked a bit in the other comments to see what others had for problems. The calendar does not show the right weekday: Has not used the calendar, but can note that the weeks are still starting with Sunday. The alarm clock I have never had a problem with. It has always called at the right time.