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They also managed to silently sneak in a way to keep track of your Stadia gaming sessions too, which is pretty handy. Beyond Apple-specific services like iMessage, having intuitive navigation gestures is certainly one of the features that makes the iPhone so hard to quit. Thanks to Android 10 and One UI 2, however, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10 have caught up and now provide you with a less clunkier way of getting around, and one more reason to give the Google-based platform a try.

Hey, you, still stuck at home?

Cheer up, today is the first day of spring. Yes, really. And since you're probably locked in on TV, we're guessing you need a break from some of the less than sunshiney news reports rolling in. Well, no worries, because there's actually some good news to report. Dealing with factory images on OnePlus phones has always been a bit of a pain since they take a different approach to the idea.

Instead of extracting the zipped folder and grabbing the system file you need, such as the boot image, there are a few extra steps involved to make things work.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - How do they compare?

Once you have the proper "payload. With the nation facing a shortage of ventilators for COVID patients and no apparent ramp-up in the production of new ones, engineers, medical resistents, and do-it-yourselfers are sharing plans for homemade versions. Staying inside during the coronavirus pandemic isn't easy for most of us.

As important as it is to keep away from others, it can be challenging to keep to ourselves day after day. That's why mobile game developers are stepping in to help; many are making their games free for a limited time, to provide some much-needed fun during scary times. In the last decade, the number of people working remotely in the US has increased dramatically, and so has their need for technology and software to supplement that remote work.

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors

Whether you work from home or a coworking office space, the requirement for highly compatible and helpful productivity apps is a must if you want to get things done successfully. Ever since Microsoft departed from Windows Phone OS, the tech giant has been working with Android to tap into the growing mobile device market.

Through partnerships with Samsung, it has worked to connect its platform with Android. However, some features Samsung has hoarded for themselves. Downloading third-party screen recording apps can be dangerous. The primary function of these apps is being able to record everything on one's display, so it's easy to see how a malicious developer could exploit this for their own gain. That's why the addition of Android 10's built-in screen recording is so impactful. While the airline, casino, cruise, and hotel industries are asking for government bailouts during the COVID pandemic, companies around the US are giving away its apps and services for a limited time.

So while you're stuck at home, keep your mind off of coronavirus with free movies, TV, music apps, concerts, internet, fitness sessions, classes, and more.

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Apple released iOS The update comes the same day we learned that iOS Today's update is Just as predicted but perhaps with less fanfare than usual , Apple has made the move of adding a depth sensor to the rear camera of its latest edition of the iPad Pro. Apple just released iOS The update comes just hours after news broke that iOS This update is the GM golden master , which makes it the same build as the official release we expect to see on the 24th, although Apple does refer to it as "beta 6" on the dev site. Up until Android 5.

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These ticker style alerts didn't pop on screen or interfere with what you were currently working on, but you could still read the message. They were replaced by the new "heads up" alerts, but you can still bring them back. Apple hasn't released a major iOS 13 update in 14 weeks. Sure, iOS The new navigation option ditches the operating system's traditional back button in favour of an inward swipe from the left or right-hand side of the device. Elsewhere, the new gestures work very similarly to those introduced by Apple for its first all-screen smartphone - the iPhone X - back in That means a swipe from the middle of the device upwards will take you home and a half swipe will bring up a multitasking menu will all your open apps.

Notifications have also been overhauled in One UI 2. First and foremost, alerts will now allow you to quickly jump to other apps based on context. That means if someone messages you an address, the notification in question will come with a button that'll let you quickly find it in Google Maps. Additionally, Samsung has also made alerts in One UI 2 smaller in an effort to make them less distracting overall.

This comes down to how T-Mobile rolled it out here, which gets complicated, but it stands to improve if the phone gets a software update. In New York City, I found some mmWave networks, but it was harder: Unlike Verizon, the T-Mobile doesn't show a different icon when you're in a faster area, which is annoying. This is all to say that 5G speeds vary a lot depending on your carrier, the type of 5G connection you have and your location. That means there's also no killer 5G use case yet. When 4G LTE started rolling out several years ago, we started to see some killer apps such as video chat FaceTime over cellular!

So far, we haven't seen that kind of shift with 5G. Gamers might want to be among the first to adopt 5G phones, though. The faster connections to the cellular tower and the time it takes your phone to talk to a tower may make upcoming services like the final version of Project xCloud from Microsoft, Google Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce now more compelling, since you could theoretically use them anywhere you want, even without Wi-Fi, and still stream games in high quality and without slowdowns that could prevent you from winning competitive matches against other players.

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  • And remember: You might not even live in a market with any 5G yet, so check your carrier's website for 5G maps before you buy this phone for that reason alone. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of my favorite phones to launch in the last couple of years. I like that it supports 5G and that it'll likely only improve from here on out.

    So it's just an added benefit to an already great phone. There are two big highlights of the Galaxy S20 Ultra: the screen and the cameras.

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    It has a huge 6. Samsung includes a new hz mode that's off by default but, when turned on, makes a noticeable improvement to how smooth scrolling is inside apps and games that work on it. If you buy it, turn it on right away so you can see what it's like.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 is more like the Note 10 than ever thanks to latest software update

    Some people don't notice a huge difference, but I do. Since the hz mode refreshes animations on the screen faster, everything just looks really fast and smooth without any jitters, like when I was scrolling through my thousands of pictures or Twitter. Apple uses this tech in its iPad Pro, and I suspect it'll filter down to the iPhones, too. The cameras are a lot of fun. There's this new feature called "Single Shot" that automatically takes a bunch of pictures and videos over 10 seconds. Then it just spits out the best ones it thinks you'll like.

    I used it playing with my dog Mabel in the park, when I didn't know if I wanted to take a picture or a video. It took both for me, and gave me some really nice pictures. There are lots of geeky specs to talk about with the camera. It can take x zoom using a fancy mix between software and hardware zooming technologies, but I found the images I captured that far away weren't very good.

    Even though it's sort of like a spy camera at that range, pictures end up looking blurry and splotchy. Still, you can take really clear pictures at around 4x and 10x zoom that are still better than the iPhone 11 Pro's 2x zoom. Samsung also includes a megapixel camera, something we haven't seen in a phone for years. That may sound like overkill, but all those megapixels help out the zoom and other camera features.

    InvisibleShield Ultra VisionGuard

    Normally, lots of pixels can result in poor low-light images. But Samsung is using some magic behind the scenes called "pixel binning" that combines 9 pixels to create larger ones that are better at capturing light, which means clearer pictures. These let you snap a picture of a big scene, like a landscape, and let you crop in to the image and still get a clean picture of something that might be far away.

    It's fun, but again, it's something only hardcore gadget lovers are going to understand or want to use. Then there's the performance: The Galaxy S20 Ultra, thanks to the latest and fastest Qualcomm processor, feels very fast.

    It even has options that let you pin up to three apps to stay open at all times, so you can pin games and launch right into them without loading.